Free Pre-registration exam resources (students & pre-reg)

Here at Pharmacistweb we know the stress that students and pre-regs go through before an exam. It can be daunting, we have been there. We want to help you, and we want to do it for free!  Below we have compiled a useful list below of free calculation website to help you with your exams. We will continue to update this list, please post in the comments below any other useful sites, so we update the list with your website.

  1. Have a look at some of the useful pages on this site including how to tag your BNF, Mnemonics and much more
  2. Have a look at gpnotebook – the exams are becoming increasingly clinical and thus this proves as a useful clinical resource.
  3. we particularly liked this website because it covers a broad amount of information for students, including law and ethics, calculations and much more. And its free!
  4. Another link which allows you to download more practice questions
  5. A useful pdf provided by University of Kent and Sigma pharma
  6. Free calculation practice questions, it says for nurse but can be useful for the Pharmacy students or pre-registration.
  7.  Free calculation practice questions,  but can be useful for the Pharmacy students or pre-registration.
  8. Elearning website for Pharmacy calculations
  9. Wow we found this useful, a pinterest page of loads of helpful pharmacy calculations.
  10.  Here is a link provided by Teva which provides a rather brief introduction to the drug tariff
  11. PharmQuest Medicine facts – this is an app which is available on your mobile device. It goes through a series of BNF questions.
  12. Podcast entitled, ‘Real Life Pharmacology’ – a useful podcast to listen to particularly as the exams are becoming more clinical focus. Please note although American based it is still relevant.

Finally,  after your pre-reg year you will likely be looking for a job. Check out this blog which outlines careers in pharmacy you may not even know existed! Click here

Pharmacistweb hopes this helps. Please also use pharmacistweb as a way to network and help each other. Please share your comments below in terms of areas of calculations you would like to be helped on.

Good luck guys!




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