CPD is not personal development

It has since come to my attention that Pharmacy schools have failed pharmacists. I initially though this was a UK phenomenon, as a Brit I tend to think the world revolves around the UK. However, I came across a discussion started by my peers in the US regarding things that pharmacy schools do not teach you (see below).

So, I decided to write this blog, it is my belief that some pharmacy schools in the UK have simply become a factory, they simply churn out graduates for the sake of it. I have been told by my colleagues that quality of pharmacy graduates has declined – that is not for me to comment on. However, I would like to free the minds of my peers who have taken their time to read this blog, I want to unleash the ‘magic’ within them and help them to greatness.

Over the years, I have spoken to many pharmacists who have sought my advice, now they may not publicly admit this but I have given guidance which has allowed some to obtain funding for their projects and others to make the transition in the pharmaceutical industry via pharmacistweb.com. Nonetheless, a common failure of I have seen holds these individuals from achieving their true potential is a lack of self-worth. Now, you might ask what I mean by this bold statement? Sure, you have the finest car and sure you own a house. Also, you might say you have all the CPD credits that you need to keep your registration.

Well, I am here to break the bad news to you in a very straightforward no-nonsense manner – It means nothing! CPD will never make you great or give you enlightenment! CPD is not personal development, and buying material things is not self-development. CPD is exactly what it means ‘Continual Professional Development’. Nothing in the acronym CPD denotes ‘personal’ development, it is what you do to keep your registration.

The greatest asses a man possesses is his mind and sadly for many pharmacists, after leaving University theire lack of self-worth has meant this continues to degrade. Many of you need to question your activities, are they wasted on pointless organisations or whatsapp group which does nothing for your development but wastes your time and money. Time by the way you will never be able to retrieve including the time you are spending reading this blog. I have seen it and indeed been a victim of this, I engaged in whatsapp group of which I felt would benefit pharmacists, but there was little determination and multiple hidden agendas that the movement failed and just became a place where people moaned about the declining rates.

If you have taken time to read the blog, I want to give you solutions and will be creating a powerful webinar of which I will help you find the magic in you and begin your path towards enlightenment.

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