Tips to checking a prescription safely

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    • Faraz BPharm - 11th September 2016

      All above points I affirm .
      ((1)) The amount of light in the checking area is directly proportional to the number of errors – a study showed ; Consider a full spectrum table lamp in the final check area .
      ((2)) Have a mental break between 1st and 2nd do some other checks or dispensing.
      ((3)) Do not remove the original container from the dispensed item – unless it is 2nd checked.
      ((4)) If you are on your own – self check – but do it in reverse -name> form> strength>quantity >dosage >expiry :: expiry > dosage>quantity >strength >name .
      ((5))May help to whisper what you are reading to yourself.
      ((6))Place the Label nearest the largest print on the OP you are dispensing..ignore ‘dispenser place label here’ manufacturers codswollop .Obv do not cover expiry.

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