The silver lining from the pharmacy cuts – a list of Pharmapreneurs!

Pharmacistweb has recently launched ‘pharmapreneur’ a group which has a forum exclusively on pharmacistweb for our members. The aim is to create a coalition of pharmacists who wish to own their own business or start a business. The group is headed by our founder A.Tojuola MpharmS MBA who has a wealth of business knowledge gained from his MBA and previous work as a consultant in the UK & internationally. We also have Brian Austen a consultant with over 10 years’ experience working within the healthcare and pharmacy arena, he is the owner of Epoc Health a consultancy firm. Why have we launched this group? Our consultants have been actively reviewing the recent events within the pharmacy sector and have found an increase in recent entrepreneurial activities by pharmacists and we wish to inspire the future pharmacists. We expected a rise in the entrepreneurial activity due to the current cuts in pharmacy and also the recent drop in locum rates is a factor for this (please see our industry review here).

We have scanned the sector and below are a few pharmacists who stand out.We have collated a few examples of pharmapreneurs, our list of pharmapreneurs are in no particular order.

Jean-Michel Gauthier

CEO at InternsME


Here is a pharmacist we have had the pleasure of personally meeting, he graduated from Kings College University London and worked within retail pharmacy. He left the United Kingdom in 2012, leaving Day Lewis to work in Dubai as an operations manager and then a consultant. Jean-Michel being the ingenious innovator that he is started his own business, “InternsME”. is now “The #1 site in the UAE for internships, traineeships and entry-level jobs, connecting employers to thousands of students & fresh graduates.” It is Ranked in Dubai SME-100 2015 as one of Dubai’s top SMEs. And InternsMe was featured as on the Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Digital Startup of the Year” 2016.


What is InternsME? is the first dedicated portal in the Middle East providing work-experience and employment opportunities to students and graduates. We also offer training and skill building that aim to bridge the gap between education and employment.


Bav Heer MrPharmS, GPhC, CNHC, BANT

TV Presenter, Pharmacist,Naturopathic Nutritionist


We had to include Bav, she epitomises the message we are keen to send out to pharmacists. You can achieve anything you put your mind to! Once, we spoke to Bav we realised her recipe for success comes from her positive mind-frame and strong desire to help people.

She has over 18 years experience in the pharmaceutical sector ! She is a Nutritional Therapist graduate from the UK’s leading provider of Complementary Medicine. (College of Naturopathic Medicine, London UK). A natural public speaker, promoter of wellness and natural nutrition. She has worked internationally in the arena of diabetes, obesity and lifestyle medicines (Egypt, Middle East). Bav is also a TV presenter! We know what you are thinking? Wow!

Despite all her achievements what we like about Bav is that she is modest and approachable. She is very keen on supporting pharmacists and pharmacy business owners where she can. If you are interested in contacting Bav then please click here.



Ade Tojuola MPharm MBA

Founder at



Ade Tojuola is a pharmacist who previously worked within the community pharmacy sector and occasionally still locums in the sector. He left the sector in 2014 and has since had various roles including working as a business consultant. Ade graduated from Kings College University London in 2011 and recently completed his MBA from Henley business school. He created pharmacistweb due to his love for the profession. He realized that due to the recent drops in locum rates and challenges faced, there was an increasing amount of negativity. Pharmacists wanted to either change careers or try something new.



He dedicated his time to creating pharmacistweb as a platform for pharmacists to connect with other pharmacist from other industries. This way pharmacists can learn from other pharmacists and be inspired to improve their lives. Pharmacistweb now has forums, including our latest forum pharmapreneur which aims to bring entrepreneurial pharmacists together to help each other to success. The platform helps pharmacists find full time work in different industries i.e entry level roles in the pharmaceutical industry, practice pharmacy and much more. Pharmacistweb currently holds over 1k Pharmacists and is growing.




Hala Jawad

Practice Pharmacist Public Health moderator and founder of Ipharmacists UK


A bubbly figure, she is always willing to help people. Hala is a practice pharmacists and public health moderator. She graduated in 2011 from University of Brighton and has been a strong presence on social media. She is keen to use social media as a positive way to improve public health. This notion led Hala to create Ipharmacists UK now has over 3k likes on Facebook and is growing.




The Ipharmacist Uk concept is based on the idea that although the internet is ravaged with a huge amount of information which lack credible information, IpharmacistUK aims to help ensure credible information. Hala has been a notable presence on different platforms such as NPA , the Chemist & Druggist ,the Pharmacist , The Brighton effect , the pharmacy practice, Zenith global award speak, RPS champion and much more. She has been a key note speaker for events such as the Health Plus Care , Pharmacy Show , Avicenna ,World Health Innovation Summit and others. Also, Hala is always keen to give with no expectations in return. Had been given several recognition such as The very first Pharma face and Brighton Titan. The Key words that Hala always say is, “never give up and if we fail in life we should never stop and learn from our mistakes and move on”.


Marvin Munzu

BBC featured Media Pharmacist, Superintendent, Personal Trainer & Inspirational Speaker


Wow! Marvin Munzu is an amazing man, driven by incredible passion. He is a titan when it comes to inspirational speaking within the pharmacy sector. He is also BBC featured media pharmacists and has discussed key pharmacy related issues. Marvin has spoken at various reputable universities and is one to keep an eye on. He regularly has inspirational events which are life changing.

Together with Hala Jawad, Marvin has started the Marvin & Hala show, a powerful show which provides key insight into the pharmacy industry.

Murtada Alsaif & Ghalib Khan

Founders/Directors at Written Medicine



These two innovators are truly inspirational, they realised that patients were experiencing challenges understanding the information on their medicines. Their solution was Written Medicine, an accurate, pharmacy-focused translation software that pharmacists can use to ensure patient understanding of medical instructions, improve medication adherence and reduce medication risk.


They are extremely passionate about patient safety and we believe this is the secret to Written Medicine’s success. Their passion about ensuring that every patient receives the correct medication information is what keeps them awake at night.

Davina Gadhia

Primary Care Clinical Pharmacist, Independent Prescriber and Director of Mirror O Mirror Aesthetics


Davina Gadhia is an inspirational pharmacists, extremely modest and humble, she is always helpful. She is one of the first pharmacists to move into the aesthetics sector, she founded Mirror O Mirror. A business which provides patients with all their aesthetics needs, including wrinkle treatment, dermal fillers and much more.

Final-Logo-with-Title-4-paint (1)


What we like about Davina is her passion to help pharmacists, when she started Mirror O Mirror she helped and encouraged a lot of pharmacists who wished to explore this industry. She is a bundle of joy and a wealth of knowledge. She has worked for various organisations including: Care quality commission, The Royal College of General practitioners,Turning point (as an independent prescriber and substance misuse liaison). Davina has taught at the Royal Derby Hospital and has done much more. We can tell you now, she is definitely one to look out for.

Naeema R. Ahmed

Director at The Pre Reg Manual



Naeema graduated from University College London in 2014, and is currently based in the UAE. She has always had the passion to create something innovate which would benefit pharmacists. And, she has created, ‘The pre-reg manual’ despite various challenges and obstacles.

The Pre-reg manual has taken the pre-reg industry by storm! Her and her team are dedicated to supporting the future of pharmacy. They have found innovative ways to support pre-registration pharmacists, an example of this is using Facebook live sessions and Twitter quizzes. We believe after speaking to Naeema that her success is inevitable due to her determination and passion to help every single pre-registration pharmacists out there. She is willing to go the extra mile!




Please note this list will be continually updated, we will continue adding innovative pharmacists to inspire the future generation of pharmacists. We love you guys!

Join our pharmapreneur forum on We have two consultants who will be on the forum to support entrepreneurs. Please note if you feel that there is any other organisation or group of pharmacists who are inspiring people and creating a change. Please comment below and if we get a significant amount of comments we will add them to the list.



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