Secrets To A Stress Free Christmas (Guest Blog)

The biggest trading period of the year is round the corner. Christmas is in a few weeks and Pharmacies are not left out of the most beautiful and busiest time of the year. Some Healthcare Professionals referred to christmas as the time where the surgery will be closed for a couple of days, the warehouse will be unable to deliver, the patients will be requesting double the medications required and everything else is just heightened.


The key to surviving Christmas Rush is to be super organised. Pharmacist Diary has created a quick reference guide to running a tight ship pharmacy this christmas. Read along you just might find something useful.


  1. Organise Dispensary:
  • With the surgery and pharmacy closure in mind, order Repeat Prescription well ahead. This will allow time to order stock and dispense.
  • Think about Extra Storage for checked prescriptions, this will ensure the floor is kept tidy and hazard free.
  • Review the Staff Rota, ensure you have sufficient number of staff and make plans for emergency cover.


  1. Organise Stock Levels:
  • It would be useful to print off a report of the items commonly dispensed in the pharmacy. This report will provide a list of fast moving items to boost on the order.
  • Look out for the Christmas Information Pack sent out with deliveries. It contains useful information such as the cut-off time for christmas delivery.


  1. Organise Stationary:
  • Below is a quick order checklist of essential stationery. Remember to order in time to allow sufficient time for delivery before Christmas Week.
  • Ensure Signposting Folder is updated and the team is briefed on the appropriate storage location.


Electronic Prescription Tokens
Printer Toner
Dispensing Labels
Endorsing Ribbons
Controlled-Drug Inserts
Prescription Bags



Being organised and prepared for Christmas means everyone in the pharmacy will have a lovely stress-free day at work. It will also create an opportunity to interact with the customers during the festive season, burst queues and provide an outstanding customer service.


Written by

Kaka Osagie


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