Safely manage your medicines during Ramadan

We live in a multicultural society, everyday we come into contact with people from diverse backgrounds either as colleagues or customers who visit the pharmacy. It is therefore, important to have a basic knowledge of cultures, so we can interact effectively with them. Some of the knowledge discussed below could be useful in helping you work better with colleagues and also improve the service you provide to customers i.e. during a medicines use review.

What Happens to Your Body When You Fast (During Ramadan)

A few key points from the video above:

  • During the month of Ramadan Muslims fast from sunrise till sunset everyday of the lunar month
  • The first few days of fasting are the hardest – it can be accompanied by headache, dizziness and hunger
  • A healthy eating plan is important
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  • A minimum of 6 six-hours daily

Here are two videos which describes how you can support your patients during Ramadan

Fasting and Medicines in Ramadhan (The study mentioned in the video above)

 Introduction: During the Muslim holy month of Ramadhan there are likely to be queries about medication and how it can be taken when people are fasting. Until recently little was known of medication compliance during Ramadhan. A few years ago, a project was undertaken at Bart’s and the London NHS Trust, to determine medication usage in the Tower Hamlets Muslim population during Ramadhan

Project results:The results were quite alarming. It was found that :

23% of patients did not take their medication at all during the holy month, and a further 48% doubled their evening dose to compensate for medicines normally taken twice a day. Doubling the dose of twice-daily medication or omitting a dose all together could in some cases cause severe adverse effects and is an important point to note when prescribing or counselling this group of patients especially when acute therapy is prescribed during this time

Click here to read full details of the project and find out how you can support your patients during Ramadan

Below is a Video which describes how you may be able to support a customer or colleague during Ramadan

A few key points:

  • Remember your pharmacists is there to support you! So, speak to us! Visit your local pharmacy
  • Certain medications may not be allowed during Ramadan – speak to your pharmacists or doctor for alternatives
  • Those with long term medications, unstable medical conditions, elderly and ill may be excused from fasting
  • Pharmacists can help you find alternative and effective forms of your medication which will help during this period

Have a think of how you can support your colleagues or patient – make a short list of things. We hope you liked this blog and found the information useful. Click on this link for some more useful resources to help you manage your patients during Ramadan

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Ramadan Mubarak

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