Our top 6 Free CPD providers

Here at pharmacistweb, we believe learning should be free! It is if you know where to find it. CPD also known as continual professional development is essential to the role of pharmacists. It helps uphold the profession by ensuring that a pharmacists has an up-to-date knowledge. We explored various avenues of obtaining high quality educational material and thus we have compiled a list below:

  1. https://www.cppe.ac.uk/ The number one on our list is CPPE, yes you guessed it they provide extremely useful training and learning programmes which are very recognised.
  2. http://www.mims.co.uk/guidelines we like mims not only does it contain current and relevant learning resources, but it also contains a CPD organiser. Primarily aimed at GPs you can still gain access to this extensive database by logging in as all other health professionals.
  3. http://www.rbforhealth.co.uk/ this also another extensive learning platform, you are able to learn about clinically related matters but also managerial training is provided. We liked this resources, its also appears to be endorsed by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. It is, however, important to note that the resources are provided by Reckitt and Benckiser so ensure you are not influenced by their brand when making your decisions.
  4. https://www.mypharmassist.co.uk/ we liked this website, it has an extensive amount of resource. And, the inclusion of learning modules to test your knowledge, although not endorsed by the Royal pharmaceutical society, this is top quality resource provided by GSK and also if you wish to learn about a GSK consumer product it is a useful resource. Again like RBforhealth this is the platform is provided by a pharmaceutical company thus it is important to ensure you are not influenced by the branding when practising.
  5. https://learn.mediapharm.co.uk/ CPDeasy we love CPDeasy and some of you may already be familiar with CPDeast. Some businesses have signed up using their platform. But as a locum you can use CPDeasy for free as a single user. They provide extensive and interesting resources. You are also able to gain a report on your learning.
  6. http://www.tmmagazine.co.uk/category/cpd-learning/cpd-modules the modules provided through tmmagazine are engaging and allow you to take an assessment at the end. We particularly like the additional news you are able to gain on the website.

Also don’t forget, pharmacistweb.com we also provide you with some useful resources. And remember your CPD is personal to your development, you actually don’t need a provider, you can research the information you want for yourself. As long as you are comfortable with evidence-based research skills.



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