GPHC releases Pre-registration pass rate and providers lash back

The GPHC have actually begun to shift from the norm, by publishing data relating to the pre-reg training and other aspects of the pharmacy profession. We personally think that this is a brilliant notion. For years the GPHC and its predecessor the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain have negated to publish such data and kept much of the data in secrecy. Now, the decision by the GPHC to publish these data makes us wonder. Why now?


Anyways, perhaps the fact that the NHS provides the pre-registration training grant (£18,440) and is in a financial crisis, every penny counts. The figures published by the GPHC are there to help training providers and universities realise that they need to work harder. We would have expected the providers to sit down with the GPHC, and or consult each other to improve the training. Rather a backlash, perhaps providers can take a leaf from Kamson pharmacy who managed to attain 100% pass rate. Providers are businesses and are well seasoned experts in providing feedback, goals and metrics to staff. We wonder why they find it hard to appreciate some feedback themselves.

We are pleased and welcome the GPHC results and believe it should have a positive effect in improving the pre-registration training service, providing better quality. Since the NHS funds the training year, the good people of Britain deserve the best service! Pharmacist that have passed through high quality training. Is this too much to ask? No, we don’t think so, this is a basic concept of equity surely a concept businesses generating millions of pounds are well rounded in.

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