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Getting a job 101 in the 21st century – part 1

Society has changed; various drivers have influenced the recruitment industry. And, if you want to get a job in this time of uncertainty, you must understand the game of the market. Some of the drivers of change include the financial crisis, globalisation, social media, networking, government and increased competition. Below we will discuss these influencers

Pharmacistweb believes you must also, have a ‘good strategy’, understanding yourself. According to Rumelt a well-known business strategy consultant, businesses have a bad strategy because they mistake goals for strategy; they avoid hard choices and negate to deal with the current issue. The same is true, with many job hunters in the market today. We will explain this and help you to devise a clear strategy to help you find your dream job.

Knowing yourself

Firstly, I will ask you to read the blog we wrote earlier on entitled,” 3 reasons why you should develop your career”. It provides a crucial tool to beginning to know who you are. Nevertheless, you maybe wondering why the focus on self? We believe this is your foundation; you should not embark on a job unless you understand who you are. To do this, there are many ways and we can place you in touch with consultants who will help you with this. But, a really good way to learning about yourself is by the following:

  1. My Lifeline- this activity requires you to draw a chronological line, and on each point place crucial points or stages of your life on the line. Then you need to reflect on the crucial points in your career identifying what you did well, what you could have done better.

NB: click on the link below: http://galbraithcommunications.com/capla/module2/_documents/activity_c.pdf

  1. Once you have done your lifeline, try and use an oscillator to define your emotions at each stage, now reflect on the whole lifeline, identifying common themes and values. You will begin to discover your foundations. This will help you define your strengths, and weakness and will be the beginning of creating a “good strategy”.

This is an important part of helping you to finding your dream career, and we would ask you spend time understanding this; Pharmacistweb.com can help you with this or put you in touch with those who will be able to.





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