Ever wondered what its like working in a prison pharmacy? (guest blog)

The day begins in a prison pharmacy by collecting any returned medication that the prisoners have not collected from their wing and putting it back into stock. Any medication which is returned and which has been opened is destroyed whilst the details of the returned stock is itemised in the System 1 computer system.

Dispensing and accuracy checking is similar to any hospital pharmacy but the formulary list of drugs is smaller.

Any Controlled Drug is entered into the register as the law requires and all the drugs for the wings are placed in their respective boxes and collected at the end of the day.

The prescription is always clinically checked by the pharmacist, sent to the doctor for signing and then returned to the dispensary.

it is the labelled, dispensed and accuracy checked by the technician.


The branch manager interviews Claire Tucker, Total assist recruitment specialist

What is the payment rate when working in prison?

the rate of pay will vary dependant on the prisons budgets. Some Prisons are private and can use personalised rates whereas more often than not these days they come under the Care UK Framework so will adhere to capped rates. For a Pharmacy Technician the rate will vary between £15-£20 per hour for a Pharmacist it will be between £25-£35 per hour. This will also depend on the bandings and duties.

Is there a security clearance?

90% of the Prisons in the UK also require candidates to have in date security clearance. This type of clearance can only be obtained by working in a prison. I do have Clients that can allow a candidate to obtain their clearance whilst in their placement but this process can take several weeks. Most Prison placements are very long term and full time hours per week (9am-5pm).

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