6 steps to moving into aesthetics from pharmacy (guest blog)

I have been practicing as a Aesthetics practitioner for some time now as I wanted to do something different which I enjoy. I currently practice along with my full time role as a prescribing pharmacist. Below is a brief guide on what I needed to consider:-

1. Complete a certified Prescribing course. A list can be found here. If you are a non-prescribing pharmacist there is still scope to complete an accredited aesthetics course to carry out treatments as long as you have an accredited prescriber like myself who is willing to prescribe for you.

2. Carry out extensive research on the local need for different aesthetic treatments.

3. Attend an aesthetics course – Currently there is only two aesthetic Schools allowing pharmacists to do the course, however, following recent changes in HEE guidance the accreditation is being reviewed and there will be an up-to-date accreditation following consultations. (I will keep you posted on the course once HEE release accreditation requirements for practice)

4. Pick the courses that interest you. ( Tip: you can get some of the training through companies for free eg; Skin Peels so please do your research) . I did foundation and advanced courses in aesthetics and I have links with other practitioners in the aesthetics industry who I am able to discuss treatments with so that I do not feel isolated. We share best practice and learnings on a regular basis.

5. Choose whether you want to insure yourself or whether you want to set up as a limited company

6. Get your insurance sorted. Following HEE consultations, there are a number of insurance companies who are now insuring pharmacists to conduct aesthetic treatments as they recognise pharmacists as being competent and knowledged practitioners.


Other things you need to consider is where you want to practice. Advertise your business appropriately and within guidelines. I also attended local free courses on how to do a website. This is important as you want to try and keep initial costs low. Try and attend business networking with other local businesses as this can help with gaining business links. And, finally remember to practice safely and make sure you comply with everything that is required.

The role pays well depending on your area and pricing, however, the job satisfaction I gain from seeing content clients is priceless.


Hope that helps.

Davina Gadhia (MRPharmS, Clindip, ipresc,) Managing Director Mirror O Mirror LTD



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