4 ways to get into the pharmaceutical industry


Pharmacistweb’s career consultants has been approached by a lot of pharmacists interested and keen on working within the pharmaceutical industry.We have analysed the experience of different pharmacist and believe strongly that these are relevant to the working within the pharmaceutical industry. Indeed, pharmacists possess a broad skill-set which would be beneficial to working within the pharmaceutical industry. However, the industry is difficult to gain entry and is not an industry that you “simply walk into”. To gain entry into the industry you often require experience and thus it can be daunting to break into the pharmaceutical industry.

There are multiple ways to get into the pharmaceutical industry but some approaches are likely to increase your success. These include the following:


  1. Internship: If you are still studying for your pharmacy degree or have just recently qualified, then an internship is an ideal way to gain valuable experience. Once you have gained that vital access to the industry this is a chance for you learn and build your networks; show the members of the industry how much you can contribute.
  2. Networking: A job application within the pharmaceutical industry is likely to receive multiple applications for one role. How do you stand out amidst this plethora of applications? The secret has been around for years – networking! An application with support from a colleague or previous client is likely to ensure that your application is reviewed. Take some time to explore your network either your friends or family may be able to assist with this.
  3. Research: This is important, do not be ignorant. If you fail to acknowledge your ignorance, then you are likely to fail. The pharmaceutical industry will subject you to various assessments during the interview stages, which will test your competence and passion.
  4. Sideways move: Consider going for a lower or alternative role and then move sideways into the role you would like. Remember, although this is an initial sacrifice the experience you gain will eventually open the opportunity to the role you wish.

Pharmacistweb is pleased to announce that we will be supporting each and every one of our members to ensure that they have the best opportunity to succeed with an application for the pharmaceutical industry. Why not contact us to (support@pharmacistweb.com) see how we can help with your CV or interview preparation? We usually host a webinar with a consultant to help you move into the pharmaceutical industry.




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